Episode 71: Putting The Cava In Champaña

Cava is awesome! Cava is not Champagne! But it does have a connection to that crazy famous region. Join me as we walk through the funky history of Spain's answer to sparkling wine.

Episode 68: Who Put The Butter In My Wine?!

Smell butter in that wine? What makes that happen? It's one of the most detected of aromas and there is an awesome natural journey that makes this happen. It's also something winemakers have used to give wine more personality for years. Let's break this down.

Episode 64: O Campania Mio! Part I: Ancient Influence

The first in a three part series where I break down one of my favorite wine regions in Italy and beyond. Campania has an amazing history and the wine grapes used to make wine today are reflections of the wine and people of antiquity. Let's set the scene, shall we? 

Am I right?!

Am I right?!

Episode 62: Cheap-Ass Whites For Summer

Don't break the bank! Grab these 12 great cheap-ass white wines to make case for yourself this summer! 

  1. Gruner Veltliner

  2. Vinho verde

  3. Un Oaked Chardonnay (Macon)

  4. Picpoul De Pinet

  5. Falanghina

  6. Gros Manseng

  7. Colombard

  8. Bordeaux White

  9. Muscadet

  10. Grillo

  11. Inzolia

  12. Vermentino

Episode 52: English Sparkling Wine Hits The US! An Interview With Robin Langton Of Ridgeview Cellars

In my first Skype interview I talk with Robin Langton of Ridgeview Cellars over in England about English sparkling wine and how this came to be. The story is older than I thought. 

Ridgeview winning their Decanter award!

Ridgeview winning their Decanter award!

Episode 51: Red Wine On Ice Straight Up Chillin'

Want to drink red wine when it's hot outside? Go ahead! But listen to this episode first. Chilled red wine is amazing but there are just a few things to consider. 

Red Wines to Chill: 

  • Beaujolais!!!!

  • Pinot Noir

  • Schiava

  • Some Barbera

  • Zweigelt

  • Some Rioja

  • And many more that your wine merchant will geek out on and recommend