Keith Beavers is a self-taught, wine educator who has played an integral role in the NYC wine scene for over a decade.

Starting as a server at the East Village Italian gem, In Vino, Beavers rose through the ranks and became an owner in 2007. During this time, Beavers rapidly developed a cult following as he expanded and consistently spiced up the wine program. He also introduced Drink Lab, a weekly wine tasting class conceptualized and taught by Beavers, that covered everything from ‘Wine 101’ to ‘Blind Tasting’.

Beavers simultaneously co-owned Alphabet City Wine Co. for 7 years, a shop the New York Times described as part of a movement of small wine stores ‘extending and improving this country’s wine culture...increasing the American public’s confidence in its often uneasy relationship with wine: attentive ears and friendly voices.’ Beavers’s years at his shop broadened his grape knowledge and helped him discover his true passion – teaching the gospel of the vine.

Enriched by opportunities to tour vineyards from Sonoma to the Loire Valley, from Tuscany to Languedoc-Rousillon, he has also contributed articles and video content to VinePair since 2013, an online guide to wine, beer and spirits.

After 14 years in the hospitality industry, Beavers decided to launch Wine Skool’d, in order to teach, write and share his passion for wine in his renowned style – humorous and creative while knowledgeable and approachable. Wine Skool’d covers everything from wine classes to podcasts, with the ultimate goal to encourage all wine lovers to expand their knowledge, while having a good laugh and most importantly, enjoying a fantastic glass of wine.