Episode 62: Cheap-Ass Whites For Summer

Don't break the bank! Grab these 12 great cheap-ass white wines to make case for yourself this summer! 

  1. Gruner Veltliner

  2. Vinho verde

  3. Un Oaked Chardonnay (Macon)

  4. Picpoul De Pinet

  5. Falanghina

  6. Gros Manseng

  7. Colombard

  8. Bordeaux White

  9. Muscadet

  10. Grillo

  11. Inzolia

  12. Vermentino

Episode 54: The Many Lambrusco's Of Lambrusco

Kick that Reunite to the curb and learn about what Lambrusco is all about. It's only one of the most refreshing fizzy wines on the planet. Let's get to know it!

The Main Lambrusco Grapes:

  • Lambrusco Salamino 

  • Lambrusco Grasparossa

  • Lambrusco Maestri

  • Lambrusco Sorbara

  • Lambrusco Marani   

The Five Lambrusco DOC's

  • Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce

  • Lambrusco Di Sorbara

  • Lambrusco Grsaparossa di Castelvetra

  • Modena

  • Reggiano

Episode 52: English Sparkling Wine Hits The US! An Interview With Robin Langton Of Ridgeview Cellars

In my first Skype interview I talk with Robin Langton of Ridgeview Cellars over in England about English sparkling wine and how this came to be. The story is older than I thought. 

Ridgeview winning their Decanter award!

Ridgeview winning their Decanter award!

Episode 51: Red Wine On Ice Straight Up Chillin'

Want to drink red wine when it's hot outside? Go ahead! But listen to this episode first. Chilled red wine is amazing but there are just a few things to consider. 

Red Wines to Chill: 

  • Beaujolais!!!!

  • Pinot Noir

  • Schiava

  • Some Barbera

  • Zweigelt

  • Some Rioja

  • And many more that your wine merchant will geek out on and recommend 


Episode 49: Beaujolais Is So Not Nouveau!

Beaujolais is more than the fashion and fad of the Nouveau style! There is so much more and it is one of the most unique wine producing regions in the way they make wine and amazing wine that emerges from it. Check it. 



North to South Crus:

  • St. Amour

  • Julienas

  • Chénas

  • Moulin A Vent

  • Fleurie

  • Chiroubles

  • Morgon

  • Regnie

  • Brouilly

  • Cote De Brouilly

Lightest to fullest Cru

  • Ciroubles

  • St. Amour

  • Fleurie

  • Regnie

  • Brouilly

  • Cote De Brouilly

  • Julienas

  • Chenas

  • Morgon

  • Moulin A Vent

Episode 44: Champagne Discothéques & The American Dream: A Convo With Sofian Himeur Of Gruet

The Gruet Family makes the best and affordable sparkling wine in the US, straight up.

I sat down with assistant winemaker Sofian Himeur and chatted about how a renegade winemaker in Champgane (his grandfather) ended up making bubbly in New Mexico and what it's like making wine in the south west.